29 Apr 2024
OGE, Fluxys TENP

Press release

Rhineland-Palatinate: Secure energy supply today and tomorrow

At the invitation of the two gas network operators OGE and Fluxys, the Minister President of Rhineland-Palatinate, Malu Dreyer, visited the construction site of the TENP III (Trans Europa Naturgas Pipeline) gas pipeline in the Palatinate Forest near Hauenstein and was informed about the progress of the work. TENP III is the technically necessary construction of a new section of the pipeline and guarantees security of supply in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany and Europe. In addition to the construction work, the talks also focused on the importance of the pipeline for the future transportation of hydrogen and the climate-neutral transformation.

Challenging work on the home straight

During the visit, OGE and Fluxys used various exhibits to explain the replacement of the pipeline in the existing route. Aerial photographs illustrated the technically complex procedure in the challenging terrain of the 51 km long section in Rhineland-Palatinate between Mittelbrunn and Klingenmünster, including work on steep slopes in the Palatinate Forest. In discussions with the Minister President and other guests from federal, state and local politics, experts from both companies explained the challenges posed by the topography and the parallel infrastructure for the construction project. The Minister President then visited a nearby section of the route where the final work step, recultivation, is imminent.

Fit for the future: H2-ready

Representatives from Fluxys and OGE also discussed the importance of the pipeline for the climate-neutral transformation with the Minister President. In order to contribute to decarbonization, the newly laid pipeline is already "H2-ready": This means that the part of the TENP pipeline running south of Mittelbrunn can transport hydrogen from Italy via Switzerland to Germany in the future, depending on specific demand. This idea, which OGE and Fluxys have submitted to the European Ten-Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP) under the name Alpine HyWay, has the potential to significantly strengthen the diversification of German hydrogen imports.

"As one of the most important natural gas connections in Europe, the Trans Europa Naturgas Pipeline (TENP) guarantees security of supply in Rhineland-Palatinate. It is H2-ready and therefore also a very important building block in the green transformation of our state," said Minister President Malu Dreyer during her visit to the route.

Dr. Thomas Hüwener, OGE Management Board: 
"The TENP is one of the most important European north-south connections, which, with a total length of 500 km, stands for security of supply – today with natural gas, in the future with hydrogen. It also reliably supplies more than 33,000 multi-person households in Rhineland-Palatinate with energy every year. The visit and the interest shown by Minister President Malu Dreyer underlines the importance of TENP for the security of gas supply in Rhineland-Palatinate and beyond."

Friedrich Rosenstock, Managing Director Fluxys TENP:
"TENP not only connects the gas markets in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Italy, but also the energy supply of the present with the future. We are delighted that we were able to give the Prime Minister an impression of how our pipeline strengthens security of supply and decarbonization in equal measure."

From left to right: Friedrich Rosenstock, Managing Director of Fluxys TENP; Malu Dreyer, Minister President of Rhineland-Palatinate; Dr Thomas Hüwener, OGE Managing Director