Customer dashboard

Everything at a glance: Important documents, videos, dates, events and your contract details

Our customer dashboard is the new home for all the documents you need. 

The customer dashboard offers you a wealth of information and resources. Here are some of the things you can discover:

  • Instructions / documents: In this section, you have access to important contract documents, such as links to the latest General Terms and Conditions (GTC) and the price sheet. You will also find slide decks for webinars offered by OGE.
  • Videos: The customer dashboard offers training videos, including the "Easy by OGE" explanatory videos and recordings of webinars. These videos will help you better understand various aspects of OGE's systems and services.
  • Calendar: The calendar gives you an overview of upcoming milestones, conferences and important dates that may be relevant to you, so that you never lose sight of important events.
  • OGE customer systems: The icon at the top right of the dashboard takes you to all OGE customer systems where you will have direct access to specific functions and other information relevant to your needs.
  • My customer information: Once you have logged in, you will have access to information such as your personal master data and contract details, including your billing e-mail addresses, an overview of your contracts and much more.

This way, please!

The customer dashboard is the central place for you to access important information, training materials and functions relating to your OGE contracts.