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Are your gas installations and above-ground piping leak-free? GasCam® will tell you. 

Installations carrying gas are checked regularly for tightness. These checks previously involved probe measurements – which was labour and cost-intensive. We have developed a better process: remote gas detection based on infrared radio spectrometry. Our innovative GasCam® permits efficient inspection of above-ground installations. With complex piping systems in particular and with numerous detachable connections, we thus save time and costs. 

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The GasCam® makes methane emissions visible as a false-colour image in real time on the screen of a laptop. It is thus possible to precisely pinpoint the source of the gas leak, even at considerable distances. You too can benefit from GasCam® leak tightness testing for your installations.

Tightness inspection of above-ground installations carrying gas

Having performed a visual inspection of the installation, our experts prepare an inspection plan. The GasCam® takes measurements from pre-selected key positions and from several viewing directions. Detected gas leaks are then immediately verified using a local measurement method in accordance with DVGW codes of practice.

All of the measurements recorded by the GasCam® automatically receive a time stamp and serve as an audit-proof record of the leak tightness inspection. The results of the tightness inspection are prepared and documented for you to the desired extent and compiled into a final report.

Your benefits:

  • Quick on-site assessment
    quick and accurate location of leaks with real-time false-colour images
  • Simple checks
    from a distance, particularly for plant sections that are difficult to access and complex piping runs
  • High detection rate
    very high sensitivity with subsequent analysis of the data recorded
  • Reliable proof
    video footage and photographic images provide audit-proof documentation
  • Time- and cost-efficient
    much shorter inspection times than with conventional methods
  • User-friendly
    risk of injury is lower than with conventional piping inspections
  • Safety
    remote gas detection; specialists do not enter any areas where there may be an explosion risk

The GasCam® shows methane in a false-colour image

Light-sensitive detector elements respond to the characteristic emission or absorption of infrared radiation by methane molecules. The filter wheel between the camera lens and the detectors has several interference filters. The passband of one of the filters has been selected for the spectral range of methane. A second filter sits close to the absorption line of methane and serves as a reference filter. From the comparison of the differently filtered signals, it is possible to draw conclusions as to the presence of methane in the ambient air.

Technical data of the GasCam®

  • Detection limit
    100 ppm·m (typically from a distance of 50 m and for a temp. difference of 5K)
  • Visualisation
    False-colour image superimposed on video image
  • Image rate
    (depending on operating mode) 5-30 Hz
  • Spatial resolution
    128 x 128 bis 256 x 256 pixels
  • Field of view
    100 mrad x 100 mrad (corresponding to: 1 m x 1 m at a distance of 10 m / 5 m x 5 m at a distance of 50 m / 10 m x 10 m at a distance of 100 m)

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Leak testing of gas installations and above-ground piping, February 2020 (only in German)

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