Security of supply & infrastructure

Enabling growth – but safely!

Sustainable growth is only possible in combination with security of supply. That is our aspiration in everything we do. In dispatching, for example, we ensure stable network management. Compliance measures, crisis drills and close cooperation with local suppliers help us increase the security of our operations. You can also read about how we promote safety and sustainability among our employees – for example, with their pensions. 

“IT security is my daily motivation to go the extra mile.”

Sebastian Lorkowski, IT Security Architect

Focus on energy supply security: OGE ensures a stable network and reliable transport

In 2023, Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine once again impacted the energy supply in Germany and throughout Europe. Yet in spite of changed transport routes, Germany was able to maintain a secure supply and keep filling storage facilities at all times.

An eye on the pipeline network and supply security in hand – OGE’s dispatching centre

More than 45 people work at OGE’s dispatching centre around the clock. From here, they move millions of cubic meters of gas every day – and thus guarantee security of supply.

Determining the need for and implementing network expansions

The Gas Network Development Plan (NDP) determines the expansion of the German gas pipeline network for the next ten years and thus fulfils the requirements of the Energy Industry Act (ENWG) and the Gas Network Access Ordinance (Gas NZV). The procedure, which was applied for the first time in 2012, consists of two building blocks: the Scenario Framework and the draft NDP. Responsibility for this procedure lies with the German gas transmission system operators (TSOs) and OGE as one of them.

We ensure safety in our operations through our compliance measures and regular crisis preparedness exercises.

Reliable, comprehensive and serious – our understanding of compliance

Compliance with laws and internal rules and regulations is and remains an inherent part of the approach and actions of all employees, managers and structures at OGE. We stand up for the protection of international human rights. We place great emphasis on a risk-sensitive and preventive understanding of compliance.

Ensuring safety at all times

As the operator of critical infrastructure, OGE has a particular responsibility. Our mission is clear: Gas transmission must be safe and secure. This is why we are also prepared for crisis situations, with the aim being to maintain or immediately restore core processes in the event of a disruption. To this end, a permanent crisis team coordinates all measures and manages crisis communication.

Learn more about our cooperation with local suppliers and how sustainability aspects have an impact on our employees‘ pensions.

Strengthening Germany as a business location: we rely on local suppliers

Our network is an important hub within the European gas transmission system. Therefore, we work with competent and efficient international and national suppliers. With our numerous construction projects and with the maintenance and repair of our plants and pipelines, we consciously rely on close national partnerships with local and regional companies.

Investing responsibly in our employees’ retirement provision – our pension fund

In addition to the benefits provided by the state pension scheme and private pension provision, we offer our employees the option of a company pension scheme for both full-time and part-time staff. We have set up a trust fund to cover the resulting financial obligations.

“Joint ventures for greater climate protection: that motivates me.”

Änne Busse, Senior Advisor for Joint Ventures

In the Sustainability Report, Chapter Economy, you can read in detail about our contribution to safe and sustainable growth.

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Sustainability Report 2023

Published 26 March 2024