Further reduction of emissions during repair work: Safely and economically with our mobile flaring systems.

Regardless of whether it is residual gas volumes from pressure-reduced sections or volumes out of range of regular operating conditions of the mobile recompression units - our flaring systems burn the natural gas without residue and in a climate-friendly manner.

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By using the mobile flaring systems, emissions during your maintenance work can be reduced by a factor of 10 compared to conventional atmospheric venting processes.

The mobile flaring systems offer location-independent and flexible deployment options as well as short mobilization times. Whether in single or parallel operation of multiple flaring units, the use of the mobile flare also allows smaller maintenance work to be carried out economically and environmentally friendly.


  • Residual and climate-friendly combustion of natural gas from pipeline sections or plants
  • Flaring of residual gas quantities in combination with mobile recompression operations
  • Self-sufficient operation through delivery and installation of the flaring system and peripherals (mobile GDRM system, connection lines, natural gas power generator, etc.)
  • Full service from planning to operation and documentation

Technical Details

  • Availability of 3 mobile flaring units with approx.  12.000 KWth thermal output each
  • Combustion volume per unit: 1.000 m3N/h at > 100 mbarg
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) 3.5 x 3.5 x 6.8 m
  • Volume < 80 d
  • Pressure limit: 0.1 barg

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Ensuring the continuity of gas transmission and climate protection

Plugging (stoppling) techniques / component fabrication / welding methods, testing and inspection / mobile compressors / mobile natural gas supply, February 2020 (only in German)

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Mobile compressor

Ensuring the continuity of gas transmission and climate protection, Data sheet, February 2020 (only in German)

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