Innovation and Digitalisation

Innovation, digitalisation and artificial intelligence – new solutions for the challenges of the energy transition.

To master this transformation, OGE relies on the three pillars of Open Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence. In this way, we are strengthening our innovative capabilities and developing new ideas and solutions for the energy mix of the future.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

We are open to exchanging views and ideas and embrace entrepreneurial spirit to break new ground.

The combination of Open Innovation and Entrepreneurship (i.e. entrepreneurial thinking and action) helps to develop new and more efficient technologies and business models for the energy transition. Open Innovation aims to promote the sharing of knowledge and resources between different sectors and disciplines. Start-ups and young companies bring fresh ideas and a high degree of agility to react more quickly to market changes and customer needs. Through the targeted use of open innovation and entrepreneurship, we can accelerate the energy transition and create a sustainable and efficient energy supply for the future.


We are leading the way with digital solutions to make processes more efficient and rethink them.

Digital transformation takes centre stage at OGE. We rely on the use of digital technologies to make the network infrastructure more efficient, secure energy supplies and meet the challenges of the energy transition. The Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), will allow us to ensure network stability and optimise processes to meet customer requirements.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We are designing our infra­structure not just digitally but also intelligently.

A successful energy transition succeeds above all when existing processes are rethought and set up efficiently and sustainably through the incorporation of new technological solutions. Artificial intelligence methods in particular make it possible to analyse large amounts of data faster and more accurately. By analysing large amounts of data in real time, AI systems can, for example, identify patterns and trends that may not be visible to human decision-makers. This can help identify and seize optimisation potential more quickly and shorten response times to changes in the energy system. AI can also automate repetitive activities, for example in the area of data reconciliation. We have recognised the potential associated with AI for ourselves and have set up various projects involving the use of AI.

Awards for our work:

In recent years, our work has received very positive recognition from the market, which we are very proud of.

NEW WORK Award 2023

In 2023, we were awarded the NEW WORK AWARD, winning 3rd place in the New Business category which had attracted a large number of entrants. The NEW WORK AWARD was presented for the tenth year in a row by New Work SE, the parent company of XING and Kununu, among others, and commends exceptional ideas with a lighthouse character for forward-looking work in the German-speaking world.

The award was given to the TransforMATE Energy initiative, which encompasses our HySchool activities, the OGE Innovator Challenge and our successful cooperation with start-ups.

Dr Katharina Rothe

Best Data Award 2022

In 2022, our project "H of Empires" was awarded 1st place in the medium-sized business category of the VOICE Decision Makers Forum.

Various projects in areas such as technology, IT and innovation, many of them interdisciplinary, are currently underway with the aim of accelerating the ramp-up of the hydrogen economy and actively driving the transformation of the existing energy system. The Digital & Data programme, which bundles these projects, operates under the programme title "H of Empires". The programme explores the data world around hydrogen from the perspectives of data-driven approaches to matching hydrogen producers and consumers, testing infrastructure for its hydrogen suitability by means of targeted data-driven analysis supported by artificial intelligence and a new ecosystem approach, and the development of data models with the inclusion of dynamic data for the hydrogen market with the aim of identifying business potential and thus gaining important insights for networking the different players and facilitating the further market ramp-up.

Dr Katharina Rothe

Corporate Digital Responsibility Award 2021

On December 6 in 2021, the first Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR) Award was handed out at an online conference by the initiators and organizers Bayern Innovativ GmbH and the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) e. V.. The award ceremony focused on two topics: digitization and sustainability. In the category CDR & New Business Models, OGE took the 3rd place for its Digital Transformation.

Christoph Gedwien

CIO of the Year 2020 award

Ralf Werner, our CIO and CDO, was named CIO of the Year (1st place) in the medium-sized company category in 2020 for his ambitious IT transformation program. The title is awarded annually by CIO magazine and Computerwoche and is the highest honor for IT users in Germany. The award-winning program is based on one-year cycles, the "digiwellen", in which self-organized product teams recognize and identify corresponding challenges (customer problems) and subsequently develop fast and agile approaches to solutions (so-called MVPs). The success of these MVPs is then measured using OKRs (Objectives-and-Key-Results).

Christoph Gedwien