Downstream network operators

Providing long-term forecasts: It’s easy online with internal orders. 

By submitting internal orders or registering distribution capacity, downstream network operators forecast their distribution capacity or bookings free of obligation. And they can do so in each odd-numbered calendar year for the following ten years. 

You provide your long-term forecasts using the internal order system that works online (contract management system - VMS). 

The starting point for forecasts is continuation of the internal order or distribution capacity to 11 years in total. If you have information that leads you to expect increases or falls in capacity or your distribution capacity requirements over the next ten years, then you as the downstream network operator should adapt the forecast accordingly. Upstream network operators who are not transmission system operators take the forecasts of downstream network operators into account for their estimates. BDEW offers network operators a form for submitting the long-term forecast of the internal order as support on its homepage (only in German).