Working at OGE: meaningful, secure, future-oriented. 

As one of the leading gas transmission system operators, we stand for tradition and permanent transformation in equal measure. Our many years of expertise enable us to take a determined approach to the energy transition with expert knowledge, and we are making a crucial contribution towards achieving the EU climate goals by consistently and gradually working towards the establishment of hydrogen as the energy-carrier of the future. 

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That means that alongside secure jobs, OGE offers the opportunity to play an active role in meaningful activities and help shape the world of tomorrow.

Our goals can only be achieved if we work together with colleagues. We place great emphasis on a friendly, appreciative environment and on teamwork, while the many benefits we offer our employees enable them to focus on the essentials and to find enjoyment in their work.

Would you like more details? 

Get an impression of our office concepts, safe working conditions at the company sites and how you can travel by bike at low cost - and of other benefits for your health.


Modern work environments at our office locations

The work environment at OGE is continually evolving, and this is reflected in our office design concepts:

Whether it’s a quiet zone or collaborative or creative working – at OGE you’ll find the right workplace for every activity.

Our workstations are equipped with height-adjustable desks and large screens, while bright spaces also help to create a pleasant work atmosphere.

This means our employees can work in a way that is tailored to their needs and thus utilise the greatest possible potential.

Shared desks in combination with mobile working is not merely a dream of the future, but is currently being successfully trialled as a new work concept to enable maximum flexibility.

We put this into practice by equipping our employees with a laptop, mouse, keyboard, headset, and external screen.

Modern technology supports collaboration, which is why we offer well-equipped meeting and conference rooms that are well worth seeing. For example, we have a creative space with interactive whiteboard and write-on walls, as well as plenty of space for unencumbered brainstorming. Surface hubs in several of the meeting rooms also make it easier for us to hold hybrid meetings.

Modern work environments at our operating sites

Working safely and preserving health – our own and that of our colleagues. This is our primary goal.

Occupational safety and health protection are therefore an integral part of our business activities.

In order to be able to work safely at all times, the necessary expertise is essential. Therefore, in addition to the legally required annual safety refresher courses, we also offer additional further training for our employees, such as specialist technical training.

Of course, high-quality personal protective equipment that is comfortable to wear also helps us to meet the highest standards of safety. We provide a helmet, goggles, jacket, trousers and shoes, and to make things particularly convenient, jackets and trousers can be cleaned in-house conveniently and straightforwardly.

In addition, we subsidise orthopaedic shoe inserts and safety goggles with prescription if medically required. On top of this, we offer other health services specially tailored to the needs of employees at the operating sites.

(E-)bike leasing 

Environmentally friendly mobility on two wheels: It’s not only your health but also the environment that will benefit from your using a sustainable means of transport.

With us, you can choose from a variety of (e-)bikes worth between 500 and 7,500 euros as part of our bicycle leasing, which you can also use privately at any time.

We stand for a positive and sustainable cycling culture and have therefore been awarded gold certification as a “Bicycle-friendly Employer” by the German Cyclists Association (ADFC).

What is so special about it? 

At our Essen sites, you will find easily accessible, illuminated and covered bicycle parking in direct proximity to the entrance. But that’s not all: Repair stations set up specially for bicycles mean you can get your bike back on the road directly at OGE. In addition, we offer shower and changing facilities as well as lockers for damp clothing to make your commute feasible on an everyday basis.

Numerous and regular offerings like our participation in the annual city cycling event or our company cycling trip offer you another platform for networking with your colleagues.

We also take care of your safety when cycling! For this, we offer safety training to best alert you to any dangerous situations when cycling on the road.

Your all-round worry-free package: The cost of regular maintenance and service work as well as bicycle insurance are covered by OGE as part of the bicycle leasing.

Other advantages of leasing a bike:

  • After a 36-month lease, you can purchase your bike at a discounted price
  • You gain tax advantages through gross salary conversion

Occupational health management

Our employees are our most important asset and their health is a matter close to our hearts! It is therefore a matter of course for us to provide an extensive range of services to preserve and promote their all-round health.

Alongside occupational health and safety as well as company integration management, we regularly come up with our own new events as part of our 360° vitality campaign on the topics of exercise, ergonomics, nutrition and mental balance!

What does that mean for our employees? 

Alongside the offer of preventive check-ups (for example for cancer prevention), our employees can look forward to a wide variety of events and workshops during their working hours, which take place virtually or in person. In the past, these have included the following health campaigns:

  • Instructed by a trainer, our employees were given the opportunity to learn various exercises for a healthy back in a mobile back clinic.
  • In our company-wide step challenge, we accumulated more than 87 million steps in total within one month. This corresponded to about 38 laps around all OGE’s field sites. 
  • Every Tuesday and Thursday of the month, our employees can also enjoy guided exercises to strengthen the musculoskeletal system in the 15-minute sessions of our “Active Breaks”.

These and other campaigns are selected based on needs and target groups, ensuring we leave nothing to chance when it comes to health! It therefore goes without saying that we also involve our employees in the selection of future health-promoting events through regular feedback surveys. This way, our employees can actively help shape our range of services!

Some of our collaborations

To supplement our changing offering of health events, we make use of long-term collaborations.

  • Our employees can work out regularly at Punch fitness studio in Essen, and for colleagues outside of Essen we reimburse the cost of any gym on a pro-rata basis.
  • We know that everything in life doesn’t always run smoothly. In the event of professional or personal problems, you can get support from our long-term partner, the Fürstenberg Institut.
  • The occupational health service offers our employees Corona and flu vaccinations, among other things.
  • Further health services are offered by our occupational health insurance company, energie-BKK.

Areas of activity

The energy transition needs us. And we need you.