Capacity marketing

Request additional fixed capacities – through individual assessments. 

Are you currently or will you in future be short of fixed capacity at an exit point to an end consumer? We will be happy to help you as a shipper by checking whether we can provide you with additional fixed capacities. For this, please request a binding individual capacity assessment using the form provided here. 

Given the complexity of the calculations, we can assess your additional requirement only once per year. We therefore request that you send us your request by no later than 15 July of any year so that we can give you a binding answer by 15 October. Where the result of the individual assessment is positive, you must accept our offer. Hence, when you commission an assessment, this is tantamount to a binding order. You can find further information in our network access terms and conditions and in the form provided here.

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Request for an individual assessment

We have been unable to book firm capacities as part of an online enquiry / booking via PRISMA. With reference to Sec. 2 of Appendix 2 of the "General Terms & Conditions for Entry/Exit Contracts (entry/exit system) Version 10.1 (08.05.2019) valid from 01.06.2019" (hereinafter referred to as "Terms and Conditions"), we therefore request a binding individual capacity assessment which takes account of the following information