We support you in the hydrogen suitability assessment of your pipelines.

Hydrogen is an essential pillar as a sustainable energy carrier for the energy transition. Jointly, we want to make practical use of our existing infrastructure for hydrogen. This usually requires an analysis of H2 suitability.  

Our range of services

We help you to generate the data basis for your H2 readiness and to transfer the contents of your material certificates into your database. You have already digitalized all your component information? In that case, we can help you with the evaluation of your assets. 



We have created and proved our own process for analyzing our components and materials in the pipeline network. This is based on data processing using artificial intelligence. The AI-based process extracts the information relevant for the hydrogen suitability assessment from the existing documents, creates a database from it and prepares the data as required. This procedure enables a direct check of the data for defined parameters as well as the provision of a component-related database as a basis for certification.  

The cluster analysis of this data shows transparently which components with which properties are present in your system and thus form the foundation for reliable planning of a conversion project.

With this holistic approach, we can substantially accompany you on your way towards hydrogen.

Our offer in detail

  • Digitization of material certificates (or similar documentation) based on artificial intelligence and our experience
  • Reliable extraction and analysis of your manufacturer data, component lists, material components, technical and chemical properties from official test certificates
  • Data preparation and visualization
  • Single or total asset parameter check
  • Creation of a cluster analysis/component catalog together with our partners
  • Component database as a tool for H2 suitability evaluation
  • Review existing assets for 100% H2 and blending of H2 – from concept to conversion.

The service includes recognition of handwriting, key-value pair mapping as well as parameterization and validation of data. The product packages can be customized to meet your individual needs.  

We are looking forward to explain the detailed structure of typical service packages to you in a personal discussion.

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