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You need natural gas — without pipelines. We’ve got it covered. 

Normally you get your natural gas via our extensive pipeline transmission system, but occasionally you might need a mobile supply of natural gas. We will procure and deliver the quantities you need, feed the gas into your system and manage the overall execution of the project. 

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Mobile gas supply system

We at OGE are your port of call for all matters relating to mobile natural gas supplies: We can advise you on the optimal process, the technical prerequisites and the necessary up-front work. Our experienced employees monitor the mobile supply of gas with an expert eye.

We can supply you with natural gas in the quality you require for

  • uninterrupted gas supplies to your customers during maintenance work on your network
  • testing purposes on industrial sites thinking about switching to natural gas (e.g. in the steel, glass, porcelain and ceramics sectors)
  • testing purposes in plant areas where natural gas is not yet available
  • the initial fill and for purging of pipelines 

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Ensuring the continuity of gas transmission and climate protection

Plugging (stoppling) techniques / component fabrication / welding methods, testing and inspection / mobile compressors / mobile natural gas supply, February 2020 (only in German)

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Mobile natural gas supply

Ensuring the continuity of gas transmission and climate protection, Data sheet, February 2020 (only in German)

Repair work with no loss of natural gas

Cost-effective and environmentally friendly with mobile compressors

Trouble-free gas transmission

All thanks to hot tapping and plugging

Ensuring an uninterrupted supply of gas

Your mobile gas pressure regulating and metering station is coming