30 Jun 2022

Press release

OGE publishes its first Sustainability Report

  • Sustainability is essential for the successful transformation of OGE's business model
  • Self-imposed reduction targets for greenhouse gas emissions: 45% by 2025 compared to the reference year 2009
  • Employees crucial to the company's success  


OGE today published its first Sustainability Report, which is based on the company's ambitious sustainability strategy. This strategy was developed with the aim of pooling OGE's earlier commitment to sustainability, developing it further and communicating it in a transparent manner.

The report shows what OGE is doing to make a sustainable contribution to supply security, both today and in the future – based, among other things, on OGE's hydrogen projects but also on joint efforts with various partner companies. Another highlight is the remarkable use of technological innovations to help with nature conservation. In the social dimension, the report focuses on what have been extremely successful measures in areas such as occupational safety, health protection, training and further education, corporate culture and the comprehensive involvement of employees. One concrete example is the positive influence of sustainability on the company pension scheme for employees. 

CEO Dr Jörg Bergmann said: "We are transforming our core business. The biggest opportunity for OGE to have a positive social impact is our contribution to achieving the climate goals and supporting the energy transition through green gases. This can only be achieved if we think and act sustainably. Our sustainability strategy and Sustainability Report mark a real milestone in our efforts to reach this goal. We will proceed on our successful path with renewed motivation."

Board of management member Dr Frank Reiners said: "We want to establish a hydrogen economy and a climate-neutral energy supply system as quickly as possible. On the way to achieving this objective, we are continuing our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our goal is to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 45% by 2025 compared to 2009."

Board of management member Dr Thomas Hüwener added: "Only with the commitment, expertise and creativity of our employees will we be able to master the transformation in the best possible way. Our people are not only the visual focus of this Sustainability Report. Their health and safety in the workplace are a top priority for us. At OGE, we work tirelessly to reduce accidents and have already significantly improved our accident rate. We look to maintain this success and build on it." The involvement of employees in the development of the company and also their working environment as well as their personal development are also important to the company. 

The OGE Sustainability Report explains the company's sustainability strategy and goals and describes the measures implemented in 2021. It references the standards of the world's leading Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. 

You can find the full OGE Sustainability Report here.