4 Aug 2022

Press release

Construction of pipeline link to Wilhelmshaven LNG terminal off to an early start

Open Grid Europe GmbH (OGE) today announced the early start of construction of the Wilhelmshaven pipeline link (WAL) in the municipality of Friedeburg in East Frisia.

In the presence of Olaf Lies, Lower Saxony's Minister for the Environment, Energy, Construction and Climate Protection, construction work began almost four weeks earlier than planned.

from left: Torben Kleinfeldt, CEO Friedrich Vorwerk Group, Dr. Ing, Thomas Jung, Leiter Projekte Max Streicher GmbH& Co, Olaf Lies, Niedersächsischer Minister für Umwelt, Energie, Bauen und Klimaschutz, Dr. Thomas Hüwener, Geschäftsführer OGE, Helfried Götz, Bürgermeister Friedeburg, Dr. Ing Chistian Boppert, Geschäftsführer Mannesmann Großrohr


"We are very pleased to be able to press ahead with the connection of the first German LNG terminal in Wilhelmshaven to the storage facility at Etzel where it will tie into the German gas pipeline transmission system. Our goal of being able to commission the first terminal for Germany at the end of the year remains unchanged. This is a real encouragement at a time of almost daily bad news about security of supply," Lies said. "For short-term planning and implementation on site it was important to get rapid approval. We in Lower Saxony are delivering this project at a record speed for Germany. Some of the staff in the approval authorities have worked day and night, and I am very grateful to them and also to the numerous project partners," Lies emphasised.

The 26 km WAL pipeline will connect the new LNG terminal in Wilhelmshaven to the gas transmission system to supply customers in Germany with energy. The pipeline project only started back in March and is expected to be operational by the end of this year due to the accelerated delivery.

"It is only thanks to the good and close cooperation between politics, authorities and companies that we were able to reach this important milestone today. I would like to expressly thank all those who have made this possible. We must now use the momentum to complete the pipeline this year. In this way, we will contribute to the diversification of supply sources and to increasing our independence from Russia," said Thomas Hüwener, Member of the Board of Management of OGE, commenting on the importance of the project. "What’s more, the WAL pipeline is fit for the future because it will also be suitable for the future transportation of hydrogen," he concluded.